A Complete Implementation of Buildings

The Martin Novák – KORESTA company can be found at the Czech market since 2011. It is mostly concerned with the supply of building works service as a general supplier. Our company tries to offer a broad scope of services to the customers to save their time and money. Our company is comprised of five main programs.

Buildings -
Construction of civil and housing buildings; particularly building new family houses, reconstructing and rebuilding of present buildings, revitalization of apartment houses, attic reconstructions.

Developer Projects -
Our first developer project is a family house “Hana” built in the suburb of Blovice. Another construction of a family house is planned in Výsluní in Pilsen and we will certainly continue in other localities.

Geometric Plans -
Recently, we have decided to offer preparation of geometric plans to allow the investors to have an access to a complex solution of all necessary documents which are needed for a final building approval.

Designing of Surface Buildings -
If you decide to build a family house, our company offers standard family houses for a prize below the average of the Czech market. It is another step and with its help, we would like to provide consultancy and the choice of a house to give in a building approval request in the shortest possible time at the construction administration office.

Ventilation and Recuperation -
One of our main domains is power ventilation with reverse heat gain. It is a solution which is essential for passive and low-energy houses. With the help of this solution, the comfort and level of living will be raised.