Ventilation and Recuperation

Our company supplies, designs, and provides servicing of ventilation units, recuperation, and of everything else connected with ventilation. Why should you include power ventilation into your new house?

Here is a list of important points:

The Advantages of Recuperation :

  • Reverse heat gain from outlet air = energy saving.
  • Pollutants (cigarette smoke, spores, pollens, radon etc.) are gradually diverted from living areas.
  • The right amount of air is always present in the house.
  • Service costs? Zero.
  • Ventilation filters are very helpful for people with allergies.
  • Sleeping with closed windows (safer because of burglars, more comfortable because of noise).
  • No draft and its consequences as a cold, headaches etc.
  • Rooms are never cold.
  • The humidity of air does not grow, there is no vapor condensation, no molds.

The Disadvantages of Recuperation:

  • Another facility in your house.
  • An initial investment (recovery in 4 years maximum)
  • The other disadvantages our only psychological because there is a prejudice coming from ventilation by windows. The fresh air is supposed to be cold and the used air warm. Warm fresh air is unaccustomed and this fact needs a change of thinking.

Nowadays, the air changing in thermally insulated family houses makes up 30-40% of heat loss. Sometimes it is even 50%, moreover where passive houses are concerned, it is even more than 50%.

Recuperation is a magical word which saves up to 95% from the 50% heat loss, for example. It is because, on it way out, the outlet air (used, bad) full of CO2 transfers its heat to the air which is being brought into the house. It is up to 95% effective, very interesting, and economically advantageous.